Tugaru Adapt

Our amazing creative team are currently working on something very exciting this Christmas...a personalized learning Learning Management System, which will be called Tugaru Adapt.

We believe that Tugaru Adapt is the future of elearning. It utilizes the customer engagement tools provided by the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS), to deliver an adaptive and evolving learning platform using intelligent insights garnered through monitoring user behaviors.

Tugaru Adapt has already caught the attention of David Patterson, an expert in all things elearning, which we hope is a sign that we have created something truly innovative. He included us in the Learning Light Innovation Index 2014 which takes a look at present and future developments in the field, and highlights products and themes which they feel will be important next year - so we were very happy about that!

Our Senior UX Designer, Karen Newton states: "We have been putting a lot of hard work in to both Tugaru and Tugaru Adapt over the last few months, and so it's wonderful that people are beginning to take an interest in it and are following the journey of it's development. I can't wait to see the finished product, and begin working with people interested in using Tugaru as their LMS provider!".

We will be posting updates on our News section and social media accounts.

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